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Inpatient Alcohol and Chemical Dependency Services

(802) 222-5201 23 Upper Plain, Bradford, Vermont 05033

Adolescent Treatment Programs

Valley Vista Adolescent Treatment Programs
Valley Vista Adolescent Treatment Programs

Valley Vista’s Adolescent Program provides chemical dependency services to clients age 13 to 17 (18 if individual is still in high school), utilizing best clinical practices provided by a multi-disciplinary staff of clinical, medical, and psychiatric specialists.

The unit’s highly structured setting allows patients to deal with the behavioral and emotional issues associated with the use of alcohol and drugs, while exploring the impact of their use in all areas of their lives, including family, peer relationships, and school.

During the academic school year, Valley Vista offers an educational component facilitated by Vermont State certified teachers. We provide individual tutorial services and home school class assignments. Our program complements key course areas, with topic appropriate curriculum. Our educational goal is to support and offer re-entry into school, as well as high school equivalent needs.

The Adolescent Treatment Program provides therapeutic, age-appropriate recreation and activities. We also offer a Weekend Family Recovery Program.

Adolescent Services Provided:

  • Detoxification
  • Evaluations
  • Individual Therapy
  • Psychiatric Services
  • Group Counseling
  • Family Program
  • Gender Specific Groups
  • Tutorial Program
  • Anger Management
  • School Re-Entry Meetings
  • Psycho-Education
  • Yoga
  • Age-Appropriate Therapeutic Recreation/Activities